Wytheville Farmer's Market

Saturdays, May - October



Rural Retreat Farmer's Market

Wednesdays, Opening Date TBD


Farm Visit

By appointment.  We would love to have you visit and see how we are living "off the grid."  Come pet a dog. Or a cow.  Or a horse.  Or a chicken.  I might even let you dig a carrot!

From the City to the Appalachians ...

Acre Farms

Farm Helpers

The three Little White Dogs below are also members of our family. They love meeting new people!  And running around the farm, of course.

I'm Donna.  He's Tim.  Together we are the Brunsons.  Who knew a city girl from California and a country boy from the back woods of Louisiana could come together and build a farm in Virginia?  It's been a long road getting here, but we are here to stay.  We are working day by day to make our dreams come true, and would love for you to be a part of them!

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Thirty Three